Mad for Glads!

I am absolutely over the moon for gladiolas! They are the showgirls of the flower world. They come from humble beginnings but put on such an elegant show.

Every year my husband and I look forward to July and August when we know that we will have awesome flowers blooming on a daily basis. Our table is graced with a gorgeous display for about two months straight. Just take a look at our favorites. Oddly enough, we both fell in love these white and pink blossoms with the sunny yellow center and never realized we had the same favorite until this year.

Gladiolas are easy and inexpensive to grow. I get them at a local nursery in the Spring (they are a Summer bulb) at a price of $3 for 10 bulbs. So of course we purchase 40-50 each year. It is exciting to walk up and down the two rows of bulbs and look at the pictures and choose our old favorites and new favorites each year.

All you have to do is plant them in a sunny well-drained location about twice as deep as the bulb is tall and wait for the show. They will need to be provided with some support as the blossom stalks get heavy and “flop” over onto the ground. Stakes and twine take care of this problem or you can buy supports if you want. Lots of snipping for vases helps too.

In my zone 5 garden (basically here in Michigan we have Winter and the other 3 months; a subject for another post) about 50 percent of the bulbs make it through the Winter to bloom again as long as they are covered with leaves or straw. If you live in a warmer zone, this step may not be required. If you live in a colder climate, I really feel for you but give them a try anyway. Because they are so inexpensive, you can afford to experiment.

Give glads a try and see if you end up mad for glads too!


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